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Upcoming Events

SALA Exhibition 2013.

Mega Raffle 2013 – a major fundraiser for PAAF. Donations of prizes welcome.

Port Festival Oct 2013.


New Found Love.  PAAF member’s Fringe exhibition of artwork created from or including found objects.  Joint winner of Fringe Parade Best Float.

Evelyn Roth, PAAF’s Fringe Guest Artist.  Two workshops- one creating costumes from recycled materials for PAAF members to wear in the Fringe Parade the other - an overnight workshop with live music, making artworks from recycled materials and finishing with a dawn breakfast at Sarah’s Sustainable café.


PAAF Art Market.  PAAF’s first ever market at Gallery Yampu.  30 stalls of handmade artwork, community info, plants and food.

Kudlyo Klub.  A great night of cabaret - live music, comedy and food at Gallery Yampu.

SAiLAway.  PAAF member’s SALA 2012 exhibition.

Kudlyo at Carclew’s 40th Birthday party and The SA Museum NAIDOC celebrations.

Reflections.  PAAF members Fringe 2012 exhibition of mirrors.

Gallery Yampu opens.  Yampu is the Kaurna word for dolphin (the ‘p’ had a ‘b’ sound).  Stage one of renovations to the space completed.


Dragon’s Breath Parade.  A sunset parade of giant figurative lanterns on The Port River celebrating moving into our new premises.  Lanterns made by PAAF artists and community groups with guest artist Steve Hayter.  A day of FUNdraising, music, cakes and art.

Hidden History.  PAAF member’s exhibition in The Port Festival 2011.

Kudlyo.  Storytelling in PAAF’s inflatable Black Swan during The Port Festival.

Gallery Yampu at The Sailing Club.  PAAF gets its own clubhouse ‘The Sailing Club’ in partnership with Dragon Boats SA.  Yampu is the Kaurna word for dolphin, of which there are many swimming in the river next to our venue.  Gallery Yampu is the name of the gallery/ big room in The Sailing Club.  Kaurna Warra Pintyandi approved PAAF’s use of the word Yampu for the gallery.

PROJECT: Yombo.  Stories of the Port River dolphins told to 5-8 year olds using songs, dance, masks and puppetry created by students of Le Fevre High and PAAF artists that toured 4 schools during Come Out 11.  Supported by The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and Kurruru.

Mega Raffle PAAF’s second huge raffle with heaps of prizes donated by fabulous businesses and people.  FUNdraising is paramount to PAAF’s existence as we receive no funding to run our community organisation.

FUNdraising Dinner.  With live music, home made food and site specific decorations.  A delicious sit down dinner, games and auction for 30 people.

Port Adelaide Enfield Twilight Xmas Parade.  Opening banner.


Kudlyo at WOMADelaide.  With story telling happening inside.

FUNdraising Dinner.  Our first sit down dinner for 30 people.  3 courses of home made food, live piano playing, games and great decorations.

Port Adelaide Enfield Twilight Xmas Parade.  Opening banner.  (PAAF have painted this each year for 5 years).


Swansong.  Giant inflatable Black Swan made with special guest artist Evelyn Roth & students of Le Fevre High with PAAF artists.  Named ‘Kudlyo’ the Kaurna word for Black Swan, totem of The Port River, it seats 50 people inside it for storytelling or performance.  First exhibited at The Port Festival 09.  Kudlyo is available for hire.

Silken Waves.  Guest Artist Lynne Elzinga-Henry taught 10 PAAF artists the sublime art of silk painting.  PAAF artists worked with multicultural groups who painted their stories of coming to Australia/ the culture they identify with onto silk which was sewn into giant gloves.  200 people of all ages from 20 cultures participated in this exquisite project premiering at The Port Festival 09.

Unfurled.  PAAF artists Kalyna Micenko and Bob Daly worked with members of the Tongan community and students of Hampstead Primary School to create appliqué flags with a musical theme for The Semaphore Music Festival.

CHAIRity.  A very successful and popular FUNdraising exhibition of painted and decorated chairs at Jackalope Studio Gallery in Port Adelaide.

Mega Raffle.  Our first huge FUNdraising raffle.  Fundraising is vital to PAAF’s existence as we receive no government funding to run our grass roots organisation.


Clay Workshops.  Guest ceramic artist Peter Johnson taught PAAF artists techniques of working with clay.  The series of workshops resulted in an exhibition at Gaff Gallery in Port Adelaide.

Opening of the third river crossing Port Adelaide.  PAAF artists, Bob Daly, Kalyna Micenko and Steve Hayter worked in all 5 public schools of Le Fevre Peninsula to create 250 appliqué self portrait flags with young people and adults, each flag about 1m x 1 m.  These flags were carried across the bridge by young students at the official opening and displayed for the inaugural week along the sides of the bridge.

Sold Out.  PAAF members SALA exhibition at The Sailing Club (when it was a sailing club!) artwork commented on Port Adelaide including it’s redevelopment.

Impromptu.  PAAF SALA exhibition in Semaphore.

Port Adelaide Enfield Twilight Xmas Parade.  Opening banner.  Giant Bird Puppet Float.

Creative Australia.  PAAF were invited to participate in the 20;20 summit local community discussion by federal member for Port Adelaide Mark Butler.  PAAF’s suggestion for a budget/ focus for ‘Artists in Schools’ was taken up by the Federal government.

Australia Day Award for Community Fare.


PAAF first offered affordable public liability insurance for independent artists.  Still available, if you are interested please contact PAAF.

Community Fare.  A shared meal served in hand made bowls by ceramic artist Peter Johnson; the bowls were decorated with images of The Port.  Live music, a magician and site specific decorations created the atmosphere which was awarded a ‘Service to the community’ award on Australia Day 2008.  Peter Johnson created large clay braziers in the form of ocean liner funnels which created warmth and beauty outside for fireside chats.  Artist Kalyna Micenko worked with community to create appliqué banners depicting images of The Port and, lit at night, they reflected on the water.  PAAF artists Bob Daly and Kalyna Micenko created a small vegie patch at Alberton Primary School with young people growing food for the event.  Project created by PAAF for The inaugural Port Festival.

Port Adelaide Enfield Xmas Parade.  Painted the opening banner and created a PAAF Hart’s Mill float and flags.


Hi-T.  A PAAF member’s exhibition of painted tea trays at Sarah’s Sister’s Sustainable Cafe Port Adelaide Enfield Twilight Xmas Parade.  Painted opening banner.


Adelaide Enfield Twilight Xmas Parade.  Painted opening banner and a PAAF giant shoe float.

PAAF Established.

About PAAF

The Port Adelaide Artists Forum is a strong voice within the arts community that forges community links through community development projects.

Read more about PAAF here

About Dragon Boat SA

Since 1985, the Dragon Boat SA has had more than a dozen teams competing in regular competitions, with many more competing on a social basis.

Read more about Dragon Boat SA here

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